Letter to the editor: Peduto making start to address gun violence |
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Letter to the editor: Peduto making start to address gun violence

In their op-ed “Peduto, council should learn facts on gun violence” (Jan. 19, TribLIVE), Antony Davies and James Harrigan choose to consider the actions of Mayor Bill Peduto and the Pittsburgh City Council in endorsing various restrictions on semi-automatic weapons as “political posturing.” The issue of the right to bear arms versus the public’s right to be safe from the dangers presented by our gun-worshipping culture is marked by rampant political posturing by the NRA and its political lackeys.

Whenever a public voice is raised against the national disgrace of multiple mass murders, the NRA’s efficient public relations network responds immediately, often addressing peripheral issues such as the declining overall murder rate or the relatively smaller number of murders committed using rifles (as did these authors).

The authors apparently used as a source a Breitbart story (debunked by Snopes) that more people were killed by “hands, fists and feet” than by “rifles of any kind.” What Breitbart conveniently didn’t mention in the cited FBI report was that in thousands of cases the type of firearm used was not specified or reported. That kind of selective use of facts to support a bias used to be called yellow journalism.

Handguns are used in more assaults than rifles, and banning assault rifles doesn’t address the issue that we have a mass shooting (four or more injured or killed plus the shooter) nine out of 10 days on average.

Washington and Harrisburg’s politicians offer more “thoughts and prayers.” But Peduto is at least trying to make a start in addressing the problem by doing something.

Charles E. Henry