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Letter to the editor: Punish politicians

When our children are growing up, we try to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. Why do we put up with politicians who do the opposite?

They push gun control laws that punish honest, law-abiding people while doing nothing to punish or deter criminals.

The government shutdown punishes employees who have nothing to do with the problem, and, by extension, regular citizens. They and their staffs happily go on rewarded with pay and perks.

They refuse to build walls and secure our border while having walls and armed guards protect them. They increase taxes, proudly saying they are not taxing people, only businesses and corporations, while knowing that companies will pass the cost on to customers.

Many politicians feel they are better than us and look down on us. It is time we stopped looking up to them and elect people who look us in the eye as equals. Maybe when you vote, if you recognize the name, you should vote for the other guy or gal.

T. Earl Springer