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Letter to the editor: Quit politicizing wall

I find it disturbing that the crisis of the wall (barrier?) has been politicized to this point. What I would like to see is Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the rest of those who say there is no crisis bused to the border, where they can actually see what’s going on instead of parroting what someone else is telling them.

I doubt either Pelosi or Schumer have ever even spent one night at a Red Roof Inn or driven alone through any area outside their comfort zones. They live and work behind their fences or walls with armed security.

Walls are immoral? Where the heck did Pelosi get that from? It doesn’t even make sense. Walls and barriers are everywhere and have been for thousands of years. After 911, walls and barriers went up all over the nation to protect American citizens from threats by from those who are here legally or illegally.

The right thing to do is finish what was started years ago by past administrations, both Democrat and Republican. Complete the wall or barrier. Who cares what it is called? Anything to stop the chaos coming across our borders. Everyone knows it’s not the full answer to stop border crossings, just one large of the piece of the puzzle needed to stop or slow the illegal crossing.

Quit politicizing this issue and finish the wall and fix DACA.

Renee Deglau