Letter to the editor: Recycling in our disposable society |
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Letter to the editor: Recycling in our disposable society

So now we have most communities being forced to recycle certain garbage items (glass, only certain colors, metal cans). What exactly is this supposed to accomplish? Other than good gubmint jobs, complete with a golden pension plan.

This is financially irresponsible. Glass is basically worthless (How much do you buy now that is contained in glass?), and aluminum cans are barely worth the effort to be recycled (aluminum scrap is at a decade low).

If you’re going to use the argument “Well, it keeps it out of the quickly filling landfills,” then you better reassess your thinking. We live in a disposable society. Nothing is made to last for generations like it used to be — and it was repairable. Everything is now plastic, which uses oil and takes centuries to decay. How much of that Chinese crap that was purchased for Christmas has already ended up in the dump?

Go back to making everything — from toys to appliances — out of U.S.-made durable materials that are fixable, and watch the economy grow even more.

Greg Massung

North Huntingdon