Letter to the editor: Romney has no courage |
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Letter to the editor: Romney has no courage

Oren Spiegler’s letter ”Romney’s courage” (Jan. 8, TribLIVE) praising Mitt Romney for standing up to President Trump demands a strong rebuttal. Spiegler states that Romney supports many of Trump’s policies, then lauds him for denouncing Trump for his personal and destructive behavior that is supposedly dividing America.

Trump has been working for two years to reverse the eight-year nightmare America suffered under President Obama and is doing a fine job, despite constant criticism by swamp-dwellers and the media.

It takes no courage at all for Romney to jump on the never-Trump bandwagon, as that is the fashionable thing to do in Washington. But where was Romney’s courage when he ran against Obama in 2012? He ran a terrible campaign and lost because he didn’t have the courage to confront Obama on many key issues.

After the election, where was the courage to speak up when four Americans were killed in Benghazi? Where was Romney’s outcry when Obama negotiated a trade for Bowe Bergdahl and commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, both traitors? These moves hurt morale among our servicemen.

Where was Romney’s concern when Obama arranged a multi-billion-dollar nuclear deal with Iran? Where was Romney’s courage when Obama was placing job-killing regulations on American businesses and workers?

Romney failed the courage test big-time, as his past actions speak louder than his current swipes at Trump.

Don Thomson

North Huntingdon