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Letter to the editor: Say ‘no’ to Sunday hunting

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, hunters only represent 4 percent of the national population. So why should a single-digit minority control how the majority enjoy the outdoors ( “Sunday hunting clears first hurdle in state Senate,” Feb. 5, TribLIVE)?

Traditionally, Sundays are a time for families to be together, relax at home, attend religious/spiritual services, go hiking, jogging, biking. Some people like to watch and photograph wildlife and connect with nature. I have several friends who have posted no-hunting signs, yet find hunters trespassing and killing deer on their property.

We, the majority deserve one day a week when we can enjoy the outdoors uninterrupted by gunshots or hunters seeking to track/retrieve wounded or dead animals that crossed posted property lines, and worry about our safety.

There is no reason to disrupt this custom to appease a single-digit minority recreational group. Don’t animals need a day off, too?

Please let your state officials know you are opposed to Sunday hunting.

Silvie Pomicter

Chinchilla, Lackawanna County

The writer is president of Voice of the Animals.