Letter to the editor: Social justice is envy |
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Letter to the editor: Social justice is envy

A local progressive politician just elevated to lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania recently stated that he is haunted by the inequality of some people being born into wealth while others into poverty.

Inequality is a fact of life. Some people are very tall like John Fetterman. Some are more beautiful, athletic, musical, witty, brilliant, eloquent, popular and inspiring than others.

Inequality can be alleviated by freedom. Many poor people like Andrew Carnegie became fabulously wealthy because they had the freedom to achieve.

Freedom shrinks inequality because it allows everyone to better themselves through achievement. Government cannot solve inequality because it stifles incentives to succeed with increased red tape. That’s why so-called socialist utopias like Soviet Russia created much more human suffering than places where freedom abounds.

When government plays God, it introduces roadblocks to achievement that destroy initiative and innovation.

Those seeking to help the poor would be advised to teach the needy ways to use their freedom constructively to advance themselves rather than feel enraged and entitled.

The social justice movement that claims to seek equality is really promoting envy, which is one of the seven deadly sins because it is so toxic to society.

Social justice is not real justice; it’s envy that is leading our world to disaster.

Dave Majernik