Letter to the editor: Time’s up for Trump |
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Letter to the editor: Time’s up for Trump

The media keeps asking why Roger Stone would use email to plot and plan President Trump’s dirty campaign and threaten a witness. Well, it’s obvious to me that Stone, Trump and the rest of the dirty dozen, or half dozen, felt they were above the law.

America has a long history of letting rich white men get away with murder. So, Stone and the rest of Trump’s gang felt like gods, and now their inflated egos are bringing them down.

The day of the demagogue and the white, rich, omnipotent male is coming to an end. Trump’s presidency is like Custer’s last stand, but this time it’s old, rich, white men against decent Americans. Just like Custer went down, so will Trump and his gang of thieves. Time’s up.

Robin Hammonds