Letter to the editor: Trump must be impeached |
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Letter to the editor: Trump must be impeached

Before Trump was elected president, I had a feeling he wanted to build a Trump Tower in Russia. Why else would he want to protect Putin from being accused of tampering with our election? Trump is willing to sell out the United States for his own financial gain in Russia and other countries. I’m willing to bet he was working on a deal in North Korea also. We don’t know, because he didn’t allow reporters in some of the meetings with North Korea or Russia.

The walls are closing in on Trump, and he is blowing smoke by shutting down the government — punishing hundreds of thousands of government workers, some of whom probably supported him — to protect himself. For two years, the Republicans had control over everything and Trump couldn’t get the money for his wall, and he blamed everything on the Democrats.

Trump has to be taken out of office before he ruins the country. Impeach!

This may come as a surprise to you Trump supporters, but he does not give a damn about you or anyone else. All he cares about is his ego and his bank account. It’s very troubling that Trump supporters don’t care what he says or does. He lies about everything. I didn’t like Hillary either, but as a Vietnam veteran, I could not support this disrespectful draft dodger.

So far, Trump has not done a thing for me. What about you? God help us all.

Carl Mochak

Buffalo Township