Letter to the editor: Wall will work |
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Letter to the editor: Wall will work

Our government partially shut down because the Democrats refuse to compromise with President Trump. He wants to build a wall to slow down the flood of illegal immigrants entering our country. They don’t want to lose potential voters.

Trump’s plan for a wall has been tried before, and it worked. The Great Wall of China, extending across China’s northern border, was built as a defense against invaders in the 3rd century BC. It is 15-30 feet high, 12-20 feet wide and 1,500 miles long. It only became obsolete when cannons were used in warfare.

Trump only wants a little wall, one that will keep illegal immigrants out. That includes criminals. Many illegals are poor and have no job skills. Many have no intention of looking for work — they just want our country’s generous handouts and benefits.

Millions of legal American citizens don’t work and expect the government to support them. Meanwhile, the brave souls that do work are being taxed to death to pay for the lazy ones’ benefits. Why should we add to the workers’ burden millions more illegal immigrants to support?

Trump’s wall will not stop everyone. It will pay for itself. It will slow the growth of entitlements and save billions of dollars. It will slow the flood of illegal immigrants to a trickle. That will give us time to revise our immigration policies.

Let’s take care of our own first. Self-preservation is not a bad thing.

Kathleen Bollinger