Letter to the editor: We need solutions, not blame |
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Letter to the editor: We need solutions, not blame

The Tribune-Review wasted an editorial with “Whose shutdown is it?” (Jan. 20, TribLIVE). The question is not who is responsible/owns the shutdown. The question should have been, what should be done to get us out of the impasse?

Politicians and the media talk about who is to blame, not solutions. I did not see or hear suggestions for a pathway out of the situation by anyone. The Tribune-Review had a chance to do that, but instead joined the chorus in asking who is to blame (owns it).

Before the shutdown, it was agreed that the legislative leaders from both parties, and the president, would come up with a proposal. Congress would then vote on it. The five people refused to come together and develop a proposal. Since they did not do it, responsibility fell to Congress to get it done. They did not work on it. Unlike other government workers who were not working, Congress was getting paid.

I am also disappointed in the editorial “Everyone counts in census” (Jan. 15, TribLIVE) against asking about citizenship in the census. Just because something is bad, or good, for Pennsylvania doesn’t make it right, or wrong. Your argument is weak. The purpose is to count everyone, and obtain an accurate picture of our population. Don’t you think it is important to know how many citizens we have? Who knows how many people will/will not respond to that question, or any other? Who knows how many will lie, or not count an individual? Isn’t there a penalty if people don’t respond in a census?

Tom Cerra