Letter to the editor: We need the wall |
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Letter to the editor: We need the wall

I’m sure everyone is tired of the childish way our government is being run. No longer is our government for the people but strictly for party only. I’ve not talked to one person who is against a wall. 

Recently I was getting a haircut at Quinio’s barber shop in Natrona Heights. The police had put a camera in the shop window to watch for drug dealers coming from Sheldon Park to sell their product. Of course, the camera did nothing to stop the drugs. What to do? A wall was built. No longer could the dealers come through this corridor to the plaza.

Each and every one of us is protected by a wall. It’s called a house. At night we lock our windows and doors that are the only entrance through our walls. Some go farther and build walls around their yards.

We spend billions of dollars every year sending our men and women to protect other countries. Yet we can’t spend a few billion to protect ourselves? How did the MS-13 gangs get from Mexico to the U.S. to commit their crimes? How many of the illegal drugs here come from other countries? How many unvaccinated people bring disease here? How many young boys and girls are brought here to be used as sex slaves?

There are no perfect solutions, but we must try. Build a wall. Our children’s future may depend on it. A camera will not protect them.

Calvin Fatchet