Letter to the editor: Will waxes woefully |
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Letter to the editor: Will waxes woefully

In his column “Trump is a sad specimen” (Jan. 19, TribLIVE), George Will is a pompous, thesaurus-wielding arse and accomplishes nothing other than a name-calling “piling on” of Trump. It’s as if his “waxing intellectual” language is somehow educating a large politically illiterate electorate of this country.

His rantings are nothing more than another taunting version of the recent attack on the MAGA-hatted high-school students who were jeered by radicals at the recent March for Life.

The least Will could have factually said was that Trump was accomplishing many of the things promised his constituents. Oh, but I forgot — Will writes for The Washington Post.

Geoff Gill

Washington Township, Westmoreland County