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I read with interest Roy Bourgeois’ column “Another scandal in the all-male priesthood” (Aug. 23, TribLIVE). Bourgeois, a former priest, has long supported the ordination of women as priests; his support was deemed by the church hierarchy as causing grave scandal for which he was ordered to recant.

Rather than being a scandalous proposal, Bourgeois’ perspective provides hope and positive action for fundamental change within the Catholic Church after the unfathomable sexual abuse perpetrated by priests on innocent children. The institutional power structure of the Church (males only) perpetuated this abuse by silence, subterfuge, intimidation from the moral high ground and mere relocation of priest abusers. Bourgeois was ultimately expelled from the priesthood. How disheartening and absurd that a priest is defrocked for advocating the ordination of women while priest pedophiles are relocated to another parish.

Catholics should ask themselves, or their parish priests, why women are not eligible for ordination. Why is one gender not worthy for such a role and service as a priest? In the context of institutionally maintained abuse by priests, is it not a legitimate consideration to stimulate change within Catholicism, impact the male-dominated power structure and bring a multitude of woman priests to heal the turmoil and disillusionment caused by priest pedophiles and their protector bishops?

David Momper


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