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On a recent drive with my mom from sunny LA to San Francisco, I couldn’t help but notice the windmills all around me, like big, elegant lace flowers with their own rhythm. And I wondered: Why doesn’t Pittsburgh, the city of my childhood, have windmills? Do we have less wind? Why aren’t all of our houses roofed with solar panels like they are in California?

I’ve seen Pittsburgh improve so much in the past few years. It’s become a hip and affordable city for young people to study and live. So why are we still using natural gas and coal as our main energy sources? We have moved past the days of the industrial era, when there was a constant layer of smog in the air. However, studies still find that one in every three days in Pittsburgh is a “bad air day.”

I want to see our city improve and grow with technology and science, not stay stuck in the past. Green-energy initiatives are a perfect way to do this. We can significantly reduce the impacts of climate change by transitioning Pennsylvania to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. State Reps. Ed Gainey, D-Lincoln-Lemington, and Adam Ravenstahl, D-Summer Hill, are already on board to support legislation to accomplish this goal.

If clean air and water and healthy ecosystems are important to you, then please show your support for committing to renewable energy. It’s not for us; it’s for our children.

Jamie Sternlicht

Squirrel Hill

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