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In response to Carl Mochak’s
letter “Trump & church liars”
(Sept. 10, TribLIVE): It’s ludicrous to label Trump and Catholics the worst liars. I am not Catholic, but I believe his comments to be very narrow. All people lie. He lives in a black-and-white world.

No political leader is above lying. Quit acting like Democrats don’t lie. They all lie. If I make a promise and for some reason I can’t keep my promise, does that make me a liar? If you tell someone they look great when they do not, is that lying? What is the definition of lying? What evidence do you have that someone lied? Because you hear a news story or read it on the internet doesn’t make it true or false. You would have to have sufficient evidence in a court of law for such to be judged.

As far as abuse, this is not only a problem in the Catholic church. These vile acts happen every day to people of all ages, male and female, done by men and women, everywhere.

The victims deserve to be recognized, and those who commit such acts need to be held accountable.

Renee Deglau


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