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In response to the letter “Commit to renewable energy in Pittsburgh” (Sept. 11, TribLIVE):

• Because of Germany’s commitment to “renewables” and the phasing out of perfectly safe and non-CO2-generating nuclear plants, it is now forced to burn lignite to prevent brownouts. Lignite is an ecologic nightmare.

• England is burning wood pellets imported from the U.S. and Canada and claims it as a “renewable” form of energy.

• In Australia, the subsidies on solar and wind are so high that baseload coal plants, with no subsidies, are being shut down. The result has been skyrocketing electricity costs. The Australian Energy Market Commission 2017 Electricity Price Trends Report states that the average charge of per kilowatt hour is 34.41 cents. In the U.S., the comparable number is 12 cents per kilowatt hour generating cost.

• Because of the insane push for “renewables” at any cost, California has paid Arizona to take excess power produced by solar. This is because utilities cannot control the amount of solar production, which varies from minute to minute when God (or Gaia, if you like) puts clouds in the sky. These fluctuations create havoc with the electric production-distribution grid, hence the need to off-load excess power at any cost .

So, I say no thanks. Let’s stay away from “renewable” energy in Pennsylvania. Our air is fine, our water is fine, our electricity is affordable and we don’t have insane policies that have evolved from the push for “renewables.”

John Rolin


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