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Regarding the article “Man charged with killing Mollie Tibbetts is an undocumented immigrant, authorities say,” Aug. 21, TribLIVE): How many more murders will it take for the left-wing communist/Democrat party to realize that a wall must be built and those in this country illegally must be rounded up and deported?

These idiotic antifa groups paid by George Soros and others, along with top political factions in the communist/Democrat party, are insistent in their desire to destroy the United States of America and are using illegal immigrants to do it. They believe that if enough illegals can infiltrate and register to vote, they can use them to take over the entire government and then destroy your freedoms from within by passing laws that take freedom away.

Those in control of the communist/Democrat party will not change their stance until illegals begin to murder their family members. I hope and pray that does not occur, but it is inevitable the way illegals are pouring across our border, without any method to weed out those with criminal intent. It is time to also prosecute those who have declared their cities sanctuary cities and are harboring illegals. They are aiding and abetting the breaking of our immigration laws, plain and simple.

John T. Watson

North Huntingdon

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