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Letter-writer Maury Fey ( “Saccone vs. Lamb” ) notes that Rick Saccone was in the Air Force, for which I thank him for his service, and that Conor Lamb spent a short time in the Marine Corps. What’s his point?

How much time did Saccone’s hero, President Trump, spend in the service? Not a second, thanks to five deferments and bad feet. His feet don’t seem to hurt when he plays golf all the time, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Saccone and Fey should forget about Saccone speaking Korean. Maybe he should learn to speak Russian, since our president can’t praise Vladimir Putin enough, a man whom most of the world knows is a thug. Heaven only knows how many people he has had murdered or made disappear.

If I could, I would put those young people who survived the Parkland shooting in Congress right now. They make more sense and have more guts than our so-called leaders. Listen to them speak, then listen to Trump speak. The young people win by a mile.

I’ve seen professional athletes stay too long in their sport, and it was sad to see, but it didn’t affect me and the rest of America. But when a politician stays too long, people’s lives can be affected.

Good luck, young people, from an old man who thinks young.

Phil Moximchalk


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