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Tim Benz
Vance McDonald's stiff arm on Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Chris Conte in the first quarter of the Sept. 24, 2018 game sounds interesting in German.

Vance McDonald’s stiff arm is even cooler in German. How C.C. Sabathia blew a $500,000 bonus. And the Hartford Whalers are back, baby! Well, sorta.


Das ist gut?

Everyone loved Vance McDonald’s stiff-arm touchdown versus the Bucs.

But it sounds even better in German.

The play was so good it made’s “Best International Calls” post . And, boy, does the tone of the play-by-play add something to it.

Is it just me? Or didn’t it sound, somehow, even more angry and forceful or something? Sorry, Chris Conte. But I think I just learned how to say “roadkill” in German.

This is a little awkward

The fiancee of White Sox pitcher Jace Fry is airing the couple’s dirty laundry on social media.

The two are engaged. Or at least they were. I’m not so sure after all this. His fiancee, Kelsi Blalock, spent a lot of last week reposting what appeared to be old romantic photos of the two.

However, she was changing the tags to some rather ominous comments such as:

“Wasting another year of my life with a sociopath” and “When you think he won’t give you an STD again.”

Um, “again?”

I’m sure these two crazy kids will work things out. This sounds like a very stable relationship.

Sour C.C.

This will earn some points in the Yankees locker room and with fans in the Bronx.

New York starter C.C. Sabathia was two innings shy of hitting a $500,000 innings-pitched bonus. But he doesn’t seem to care about that when protecting a teammate is involved.

Here’s how it happened on the mound in Tampa:

Cruising over five one-hit innings, which put Sabathia two innings away from triggering a $500,000 bonus in his contract for completing 155 innings this season — and with an 11-0 lead — the veteran left-hander hit Rays catcher Jesus Sucre in the left thigh area with no one out in the sixth inning.

Both teams had been issued warnings so Sabathia was immediately ejected by plate umpire Vic Carapazza, as was manager Aaron Boone, which is automatic after a hit-batsman following warnings.

“That’s for you, (expletive),” Sabathia could be seen mouthing toward the Rays’ dugout as he defiantly left the field, staring at the opposition during the entirety of the walk to his own dugout.

If you want to see the video of the incident, it’s included in that link.

Too good to be true

What in the name of Mike Liut is going on around here?!

I grew up a Pittsburgh sports fan living in Connecticut. So, during the early years of my life, the first few Penguins games I saw in person were in Hartford against the now-departed Whalers.

They eventually moved to North Carolina and became the Hurricanes. So this story brings a smile to my face as I can wallow in some good ol’ fashioned nostalgia over Connecticut’s lone team that we could call our own.

Whenever the Penguins didn’t win, it was always fun to adopt the Whalers. But they didn’t exactly win a lot, did they? Plus they gave Pittsburgh Ulfy and Ronny, right?

Well, the Hurricanes are celebrating “Whalers Night” on Dec. 23 against Boston. They’ll wear the memorable green jerseys during the game.

It’s back.

A post shared by Carolina Hurricanes (@nhlcanes) on Sep 27, 2018 at 11:07am PDT

My goodness, I can hear Brass Bonanza now.

Will they actually play it when the Hurricanes score?

You watch, that’ll be the plan. And in typical Whalers fashion, the Bruins will shut them out and no one will ever hear the song.

Perron’s path

David Perron is back where it all started. The well-traveled former Penguin has returned to St. Louis.


He just signed a four-year contract with the Blues. That’s the team that originally drafted the winger. The deal is worth $16 million. It’s Perron’s third tour in St. Louis.

He’s also played in Vegas, Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Anaheim.

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