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Tim Benz: Poor Le’Veon Bell is feeling underappreciated

Tim Benz
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Le’Veon Bell just isn’t feeling it from the Pittsburgh Steelers. If only they showed some appreciation.

Le’Veon Bell sent out this tweet last week.

It’s not the first time Bell has whined about feeling underappreciated .

The guy makes a good point. I mean, a contract that would’ve paid him $45 million over the first three years? Talk about a lack of appreciation.

I mean, that’s one step removed from having someone spit in your face and tell you it’s raining.

That poor Bell. The Rodney Dangerfield of running backs. No respect, I tell ya! No respect.

Maybe I’m leaping to conclusions.

Or maybe I’m just connecting the dots right in front of my face.

Sure. I suppose that tweet could’ve had something to do with some positive words about his upcoming rap album. Or maybe someone complimented his jump shot at L.A. Fitness.

But Bell sent that tweet moments after he publicly flirted with the Ravens on Twitter last week, then he got acknowledgment from Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson in the form of a Twitter follow.

My gosh, in 2019 that’s roughly the same thing as going steady, isn’t it?

So, between that and his previous tweets, I’m going to assume this is football related.

Is this guy serious? A pro athlete with this much acclaim, fortune, talent, and accomplishment needs public flattery and adulation in a Twitter-follow to feel appreciated?

Make me puke.

Quick! Someone tell Art Rooney II to get on Instagram. Maybe if he lobs a mention Bell’s way, he’ll sign for the league minimum.

How would Bell define appreciation at this stage from the Steelers? What does he want from them? Something tells me, at this point, even if the Steelers offered Bell money in excess of Todd Gurley’s record-breaking running back contract, that wouldn’t be good enough.

The only thing Bell wants is to be a free agent. He wants to be cut loose. And then, as soon as that happens, he’ll complain about how the Steelers “rejected” him.

As I’ve written before , no one plays the victim like Le’Veon Bell. They only issue is, most victims elicit a common reaction: Sympathy.

No one should have a shred of that for this egomaniacal, greedy, attention seeker.

Let me take off my media hat for a second to be a fan. When it comes to Bell and Antonio Brown, I’m at the point where I’d like to see them both become Ravens. Or Patriots. Or Browns.

Because, in my mind’s eye, it’s getting incredibly hard to picture myself rooting for them in black and gold — and much easier to root against them in another uniform.

And what color scheme is easier to root against than purple and black?

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