U mad, bro? Readers rail on Steelers chaos, Antonio Brown, Pirates payroll |
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U mad, bro? Readers rail on Steelers chaos, Antonio Brown, Pirates payroll

Tim Benz
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Antonio Brown celebrates his touchdown with Le'Veon Bell in the first quarter during the Wild Card Playoff game against the Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field on Jan. 8, 2017.

This week’s “U mad, bro?” is all about emotional transference. Y’all are angry about the Pirates payroll, Antonio Brown’s behavior and the Steelers’ chaotic failures.

And instead of dealing with it yourselves, you are taking it out on me. Poor, sweet, innocent me.

We open with Nick and his ad hominem attack in response to a tweet I sent.

My point was that the Steelers are becoming the kind of sideshow organization they used to mock.

Son, even someone half my size wouldn’t need to reach for fruit that hangs this low.

And if you want to criticize people for trying to stay relevant, maybe you should start replying to that diva wideout who Photoshops himself into jerseys of other teams on a daily basis.

James didn’t like that tweet either.

Soooooo, next year then?

Speaking of “waiting until next year,” that has been an unfortunate theme describing this team the last decade or so, hasn’t it?

This guy didn’t appreciate my column about Nickell Robey-Coleman. He’s the Rams defensive back who said age is catching up with Tom Brady.

I made the subtle suggestion that this was a poor idea.

I love how fans apply this logic as they see fit. Steelers fans do it all the time.

For instance, I know Steelers fans (and media members) who think it’s OK to say Jerramy Stevens fired up Joey Porter before Super Bowl XL. But they simultaneously dismiss the idea that Le’Veon Bell’s tweets about the Patriots before the Jacksonville playoff game had any impact on the loss.

Cognitive dissonance is fun, isn’t it?

S.P. gives me some friendly advice after I posted a story regarding Antonio Brown “liking” a photo of him in a Packers jersey.

He’s right. And I think it already happened.

“Bobby B” is upset I had the gumption to ask if the Patriots would have the right to argue that they were a better Super Bowl era franchise than the Steelers if they beat Los Angeles on Sunday.

Keep in mind, a victory would tie New England and the Steelers with six Vince Lombardi trophies each. And, if they win Sunday, the Pats will have three more Super Bowl trips than the Steelers do.

“I am responding to your article on ‘Can the Steelers be considered best ever if Patriots win?’ That answer is ALWAYS WILL BE.

First off, the Patsies have Bellacheated for almost 20 years now. Their scheming ways over these years (some that might be behind closed doors) have ruined their reputation across the NFL and are grossly arrogant with the way they deny ever doing one thing wrong. Their fan base is awful, and when you mention any wrongdoing, the name-calling starts.

The Steelers are the greatest sports dynasty of all time and possibly all sports. When you go across the country, you see Steelers fans everywhere (especially here in SC), but there are no Patriots bars across the nation. When you consider the toughness of the sport, football and hockey would be ranked toughest. Basketball is a joke anymore, and baseball is a salary capless failure.”

A lot to rinse out here, Bob.

“Always” is silly to say. If the Patriots somehow replicate what they did these last 20 years in the 2020s, the Steelers won’t have a claim.

Secondly, the cheating allegations are part of the Patriots history, to be sure. To suggest they erase 20 years of dominance is too much.

Lastly, the Steelers dynasty was historic and wonderful. But comparing them to the Yankees or Celtics or Canadiens as the greatest sports dynasty of all time is fruitless.

I back your claim that the Steelers are tops amongst franchises throughout the entire Super Bowl era over the Pats.

But to undercut the Patriots’ success entirely, or overstate that of the Steelers, weakens the argument.

Lisa replied to a link with my recent column on the Pirates.

I knew this tweet was coming.